iGeo App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Because of the nature of this application it is offered for Entertainment purposes only.

The Author of this software is the Inventor of the Paranormal Puck, Ovilus Talker, EM Pump, Video Ovilus, PX and many other devices.

Updates are sent via the app store.

Just select the app store icon on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and then select updates.

Designed for paranormal investigators the Geo Phone is sensitive to vibration. Using the 3 axis accelerometer to return data based on changes due to vibration and movement to the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Version 1.0 Requires OS 3.13 or Higher
Works on the iPod, iPad or iPhone 3G or higher
** Application is designed for ITC experimenters
** For Entertainment Purposes Only

So what is the iGeo Phone For?

Since the iGeo Phone uses a real accelerometer rather than a magnetic coil the iGeo Phone only picks up vibrations that cause the device to move.

The iGeo Phone is perfect compliment to a recorder and a camera on an investigation. Place the iPhone with iGeo app loaded in the field of view with the camera and near the recorder. Also use the iPhone for ITC work as well.
If an event occurs you’ll quickly  be able to tell with iGeo if the iPhone registered a vibration like foot step , tapping or banging.

The iGeo Phone displays:

  • Minimum Force
  • Maximum Force
  • Current  Force
  • Average Force
  • Variance from Average
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Easy to view LED readout

Designed to be used in investigations the iGeo Phone is made for working in low Light conditions.

Using the iGeo Phone

  1. Place your device face up on a flat surface.
  2. Start the app, then adjust the sensitivity till the bottom led is flickering.
  3. Press “Clear” just to the right of minimum  and maximum.
  4. Monitor the device.
  5. From a distance it will be easy to see the led’s change if the iGeo on iPhone senses a vibration.
  6. Pressing clear resets the min and max values.

Press the ” D” in the lower left corner to be taken to the applications webpage on www.digitaldowsing.com