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Ovilus 3 Plus PRE-SALE

The Ovilus 3 Plus is a feature of the pandemic and the resulting supply shortages. Identical to the original Ovilus 3 in basic function and program.

Based on the original Ovilus 3 and all preceding Ovilus, the Ovilus 3 Plus is an ITC device.

Final look of the Ovilus 3 Plus may be different from the original Ovilus 3.

Shipping begins March 2022. Order early to receive the best price and earliest shipment date .

Ovilus 3 Plus Pre-Order

The ES “Energy Speaker” is back !

Transform audio into magnetic waves, the ES acts like a normal speaker except it produces no audible sound. Sound is re-created as a magnetic wave form. The ES is a perfect companion for the EVP microphone.

How does the Energy Speaker work?
The Energy Speaker will reproduce the sound output from your audio source as a magnetic field. Using a simple inductor like a telephone pickup, you can listen to the magnetic output of the speaker. Now you can play trigger music, white noise and more without bleed through into your recorded audio. You can test by using an induct