Ovilus 5 PRE-ORDER!

Ovilus 5 Pre Sale Going on Now!Introducing the Ovilus 5.

With the Ovilus 4 no longer in production we are delighted to bring you its successor: The Ovilus® 5.  The Ovilus 5 marks the beginning of the global Ovilus project.

The Ovilus 5 takes ITC to all new levels of possibilities. Bluetooth, Wifi and an internal re-chargeable battery so no more batteries to install! With this additional connectivity we will be able to connect the Ovilus to apps, computers and more.

Building off of the Ovilus 4 platform we have completely redesigned the internals and externals. A whole new palm sized unit and greatly expanded connectivity.


Ovilus 5 Pre-Sale ends July 5th:


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Digital Dowsing has consistently led the way in product innovation for the paranormal market place. For over 9 years we have produced some of the most iconic devices used today.

New Re-Chargeable Lineup

Re Chargeable EM Pump, SEM (Simple Energy Meter) and White Noise EMThe EM Pump, Simple Energy Meter (SEM), and the White Noise EM are the first of our products to be relaunched with a built in rechargeable battery.

If you are not familiar with these products here is a quick overview:
The White Noise EM boosts EVP sessions using its unique method of generating white noise as an electromagnetic field.
The EM Pump creates an EMF Siren by oscillating electromagnetic fields. Just as a police siren is easy for the human ears to detect, the EM Pump will act as a beacon in the Electromagnetic Fields.
The Simple Energy Meter (SEM) reacts to EMF, ionization and static charges as a combined energy field. The customizable sensitivity settings enables the device to function in difficult environments.


As of last October we have an agreement with Ghost Adventures to provide new gear and experiments for every episode.  Check back weekly after each episode to see further details on Digital Dowsing gear seen during the episode.

Learn more >>

Upcoming Events

Bill Chappell will be appearing in the following events.  See full event list >>

Introducing Energy Rods

Energy Rods are the first of our product line to be released with a built in re-chargeable battery system.  Run times on a single charge over 12 hrs.

  • The sensors monitor surrounding EM and Static energy fields and light up corresponding to the intensity of the energy measured.
  • Portable – 3 piece unit – Easy to disassemble and transport and light at only 3.5 ounces.
  • Re-chargeable battery with the included USB to Mini USB Cable.
  • Free standing base.
  • Simple to operate with the on/off switch on the top of the unit.

Image of Digital Dowsing Energy Rod in the Light Clear Rod

The Energy Rod Sensors monitor surrounding levels of electromagnetic and static energy. The rods will light up when changes in the energy fields are observed. The colors emitted and brightness will increase with intensity when higher energy levels are observed.

1 Energy Rod for $39

3 for 99$ (15% discount on 3 or more!)


At Digital Dowsing we are constantly working on new paranormal investigation equipment, like our EVP Laser microphone, the Xcam SLS Camera System and the newest of the Ovilus line, the Ovilus IV, with a full color touch screen and human voices.

We offer a variety of ITC Devices and multiple EVP devices that monitor Electromagnetic Fields.

Digital Dowsing has made a strong commitment to the paranormal community over the years and we plan to continue into the future.

We provide top of the line supplies and gear for ghost hunters and paranormal gear for investigators everywhere.

Also Open Source Projects like:

Xcam SLS is Digital Dowsing’s online retail shop. It is the only place you can find the Digital Dowsing Pro Series Gear such as the Xcam SLS. Learn more >>.

Xcam SLS top of tablet

Xcam Case-Only  $79

Buy the Xcam SLS now $1275

Did you know we made a pink Ovilus?  Or that the current Xcam was actually preceded by two others?  Learn more>>

Introducing the EVP KIT

EVP KIT by Digital Dowsing Closed

The EVP KIT includes:

EVP KIT by Digital Dowsing Contents

The EVP KIT enables you to observe energy that may not be in an audio form but rather in an electromagnetic form.  The EM White noise is designed to enhance these levels by taking advantage of the theory of wave propagation.   Learn more >>

Available at for $99

Introducing the IR Camera Rig

IR Camera Rig Front

The IR Camera Rig provides a stable mounting base for the two included Infrared Illuminators and space to mount your SLR camera or smaller HD video recorder.

The mounting plate can accommodate many configurations with space for opening your camcorder viewer or adjusting settings on the DSLR.  Learn more >>

Available at for $99

EVP Laser Mic

The EVP Laser Mic works by reflecting a laser off of a reflective surface and monitoring the changes in the returned signal for EVP. This can be purchased at To learn more about the please see the EVP Laser Mic Product Page.

Laser EVP Mic Diagram - Laser off of picture frameEVP Laster Receiver on Tripod