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For over 18 years, we have produced some of the most iconic devices used today.

Bill Chappell Signature Devices TM. All-new Digital Dowsing devices carry this trademark.

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Ovilus 6 – The Light Worker

Meet the next evolution in instrumental transcommunication, the wrist mounted Ovilus 6.

Through light spectrum analysis the Ovilus 6 will bring the paranormal investigator a new facet of the EM spectrum to probe and explore. This next generation of Ovilus will employ ITC modes based on motion, frequency, temperature and more providing a unique tool-set unlike any of its predecessors.

The Ovilus 6 is capable of sensing a wide range of the light from 400nm to 1100nm which includes ultra-violet, visible, infrared and thermal heat signatures.

Powered by a rechargeable battery the lightweight wrist mounted design allows the investigator maximum freedom keeping both hands free for other equipment.

Designed for the experienced ITC experimenter, the Ovilus 6 will be a limited production run with the pre-sale price increasing weekly.

Shipping is anticipated to start in the first quarter of 2023.

The Mind Blocker

Designed to overwhelm the sense of sight and sound the Mind BlockerTM was built to experiment in sensory deprivation without the need for ping pong balls and heavy head phones. The Mind Blocker is the latest addition to the Bill Chappell Signatures SeriesTM product lineup.

The Mind Blocker can be used in a group setting with the general idea being mind synchronization. During initial group tests preformed June 10-11, 2022 users claimed to have experienced voices, visions and some minor telepathic events. Results may vary and there is no guarantee you will experience the same results.

We caution that the unit uses strobe light and sound pulses; if you have had seizure or have a condition that light or sound can trigger then for your safety do not operate this device.

How does the Mind Blocker work?
By creating neutralizing sound waves and pulsed light at 10hz the user’s sense of sight and sound are ‘overwhelmed’. It is similar to living in an area near trains which over time you cease to notice.

As the user wears the Mind Blocker they lose the sense of light and sound around them essentially blocking out any distractions from light and sound.

The light pulses and sound waves are engineered to help the user achieve an alpha state that is relaxed, calm, lucid and conscious but not actively thinking.

Designed for experimentation use only. Final product may vary from current depicted prototype model.

Look for the Mind BlockerTM to release here soon! Also known as Electric Peyote.

Take a trip and never leave the farm
Experience an altered state of mind
Ovilus 3 Plus

Ovilus 3 Plus PRE-SALE

The Ovilus 3 Plus is a feature of the pandemic and the resulting supply shortages. Identical to the original Ovilus 3 in basic function and program.

Based on the original Ovilus 3 and all preceding Ovilus, the Ovilus 3 Plus is an ITC device.

Final look of the Ovilus 3 Plus may be different from the original Ovilus 3.

Shipping begins March 2022. Order early to receive the best price and earliest shipment date .

Ovilus 3 Plus
Limited run
Paranormal Puck 2 Rev B In Dark On Side Green

Paranormal Puck Rev B Release

Paranormal Puck 2 Rev B In Dark Glow White

The Paranormal Puck 2, is a leap forward monitoring EMF, temperature, humidity, light levels, barometric pressure, movement, ionization / static levels and produce the legendary ITC sessions the original Paranormal Puck was known for.

The Rev B of the Paranormal Puck 2 provides a more compact simplified design with increased airflow to the sensors.

The Paranormal Puck 2 is the most advanced gear we have ever built, the wireless connection will allow for remote IT sessions and the app will allow all data to be seen, visualized and shared directly from your smart phone or tablet compatible with iOS.

Paranormal Puck 2b

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