Digital Dowsing has consistently led the way in product innovation for the paranormal market place. For over 10 years we have produced some of the most iconic devices used today.

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GAC Season 11 Episode 08 Haunted Hollywood, Ovilus 3, Xcam SLS, Image Copyrights retained by GAC and respective owners.

Xcam SLS Limited Release

Earlier this year we stopped allowing the Xcam SLS to be purchased as we had limited supply of some components necessary for the build and because we have been working on the next revision of the Xcam SLS. Unfortunately the next revision has taken longer than anticipated.  Due to the delayed release of the next version and due to a large number of requests we are releasing a small batch of the original version of the Xcam SLS.

For a limited time the Xcam SLS is available for purchase:

Xcam SLS - Product ShotXcam SLS Structured Light Sensor - $1,275.00

New Product for the New Year! Introducing the Resonance EM


The Resonance EM is designed to create audio patterns in a magnetic field. Many believe that paranormal activity is closely tied to EMF “Electromagnetic Fields,” the Resonance EM allows the user to experiment in this area with a light weight pocket sized device. This device enables you to perform many types of experiments within the electromagnetic spectrum all in one easy to use device.

A Combined Background

The Resonance EM is a combination of 3 of our popular products the EM Pump, EM White Noise and the EM Whistler (now the EM Siren mode) along with a new one the EM Wave.  The four modes make ITC experimentation easier than ever. Additionally, the device has built in audio which allows you to hear approximately what the device is signaling as an electromagnetic wave. Previously, with the EM Pump and the EM White Noise if you wanted to hear the devices output you could only do so with an EVP Mic or other inductive pickup, now with the addition of a “speaker” to this unit we are able provide that audio built in, of course you can still turn off the audio on the Resonance EM and use an EVP Mic to hear the EM signals.


We originally started building the EM Pump almost 12 years ago with the idea behind the EM Pump being about frequency and consistency rather than high powered output. If you want to produce high power in the electromagnetic spectrum during your paranormal investigation then simply bring a microwave, however if you want to produce an electromagnetic signal that will stand out bring the Resonance EM.

Prototype Video

Pocket Sized EVP Enhancer

Resonance EM - EM Pump Mode

Resonance EM - $89.95$109.95
Paranormal Puck 2 Rev B In Dark On Side Green

Paranormal Puck Rev B Release

Paranormal Puck 2 Rev B In Dark Glow White

The Paranormal Puck 2, is a leap forward monitoring EMF, temperature, humidity, light levels, barometric pressure, movement, ionization / static levels and produce the legendary ITC sessions the original Paranormal Puck was known for.

The Rev B of the Paranormal Puck 2 provides a more compact simplified design with increased airflow to the sensors.

The Paranormal Puck 2 is the most advanced gear we have ever built, the wireless connection will allow for remote IT sessions and the app will allow all data to be seen, visualized and shared directly from your smart phone or tablet compatible with iOS and Android.

Paranormal Puck 2b

To quote Yoda There is another

– Bill Chappell