Digital Dowsing  devices like the Ovilus, Paranormal Puck, the PX, and EM Vortex have become part of the modern-day paranormal investigator lexicon. You’ have seen this equipment used on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, Syfy, Paranormal State on A&E, and countless other programs and documentaries.


The Paranormal Puck


Status:  (No Longer in production)

Intent: Designed to experiment with ITC phenomena.

  • Captures and data logs changes in the environment
  • Capture images and audio via the host PC.
  • Includes alarm functions for unattended data capture.“

Below is a shadow image captured in real time from Puck”:


Displays EMF as video data, here are some examples:


UPDATE!  12/19/2015

Paranormal Puck 2 Pre-Sale

The ECM Puck


Status: (No Longer in Production)

Background: This device was based on the original Puck except with smaller set of sensors and no audio/video functions.

The Ovilus I


Status: No Longer in Production

Intent: A hand held device that takes energy readings and creates speech

Details: Device has seven modes of operation.  Features a built in 512 word list and a full phonetic generator for ITC experimentation.

The Ovilus FX


Status: No Longer in Production

Description: The successor to the Ovilus, the FX has a built in 1024 word dictionary.   It features the ability to replay the last 1000 words said.  Provides a pc interface( rs-232) to allow the real time capture of data and words spoken.  The FX has 9 modes of operation including a built in speaker.

The PX


Status: No longer in Production

Description:  Based on the Original Puck and the Ovilus, the PX is an ultra small low power ITC device that can run standalone or attached to a computer.

Production Notes: The PX was replaced by the PX 1.2

The PX Version 1.2


Status: No longer in Production

Production Notes: The PX was replaced by the Ovilus X

Description: Based on the Original Puck and the Ovilus, the PX is an ultra small low power ITC device that can run standalone or attached to a computer.

Operation Notes: ** Remember Hold Both Power and Mode down to turn off this version.

The Ovilus X


Status (No longer in Production)

The Ovilus X was replaced by the Ovilus X, Rev A

Based on the Original Puck and Ovilus and the PX. The Ovilus X

is ultra small low power ITC device  That can run standalone or attached to a computer via it’s USB port.

The Ovilus X Rev A


Status (No longer in Production)

The Ovilus X rev A  was replaced by the Ovilus X, Rev B

Based on the Original Puck and Ovilus and the PX.  The Ovilus X

is ultra small low power ITC device  That can run standalone or

attached to a computer via it’s USB port.

The Ovilus X Rev B:


Status (in Production)

Based on the Original Puck and Ovilus and the PX.  The Ovilus X

is ultra small low power ITC device  That can run standalone or

attached to a computer via it’s USB port.

DTD (Digital Text Display)


Status (no longer in production)

Companion Display to See the Spoken words from the Ovilus X series of devices.



Status (in Production)

Companion to the Ovilus X , the OSD allows the word Output from the Ovilus X to be superimposed on Video.  

Ovilus II


Status ( Limited Release ) Replace by the Ovilus II Rev A

This version of the Ovilus feature LCD Display

Advanced Speech Generation and Audio capabilities

User Programmable word list and a flash memory

Ovilus II Rev A


Status ( no longer in production)

Ovilus II , feature near human speech with 11 different voices and a Built in LCD display, USB interface

Video Ovilus II


Video Ovilus II

Status ( in Production)

A full featured Ovilus X with a built in video camera and sonic range finder. Out puts to plug in Video Goggles with built in IR illuminator and USB interface.




Status ( in Production)

Built for paranormal investigation from the ground up. Features a IR/UV sensitive video camera sonic distance sensor and Thermal temperature sensor with values Overlaid in the video Output. Feature built in Ir illuminator with Strobe function and USB port

Talker Kit


Talker Kit:

Status (No Longer in Production)

A low cost kit utilizing phonetic speech to attempt ITC communications

Talking Sonic Reader


Status (No Longer in Production)

This unit tells the user how far way an object is by using ultrasonic sound it will also data log to a host PC as well.

R.E.V.P (Reverse EVP)


Status (No Longer in Production)

This device was built to understand 1 potential method of how EVP is created.  Also another attempt at ITC communication . Based on simple em modulation the    REVP sends audio out in the form of an electromagnetic  field .  Why, I believe it’s the same type of process  some types of EVP is being captured. It also allows a way to create repeat events for new Equipment development.




Status (No Longer in Production)

Like Many investigators thermal imaging is not an economical answer.

The ThermaSound employ’s both thermal imaging and Ultra sonic s in the same unit.

By sweeping back and forth a thermal image is obtained at the same time ultra sonic

Measurements are taken of the same area. The result is a thermal image that also contains

Distance information. The software can tell the user where an item is in relation to the

ThermaSound in real time.  Seen on the Ghost Adventures “Stanley Hotel Episode”

God Helmet



God Helmet:  Status (Status (No Longer in Production)

This device creates a strong magnetic field, worn on the temple it creates a sense of

Being watched or  a religious experience. However this controller can operate independent  from it’s programming  using the same input sensor system as the Ovilus allowing the helmet to be driven

By the environment.

IRUV Strobe


IRUV Strobe:

Status ( field  tested)

Create strobe effects in 4 different wave lengths of light all computer controlled

Photon Drone


Photon drone

Status ( Patent and right Sold)

EM Pump


EM Pump:

Status (No Longer in Production)

Seen on Ghost Adventures

This device has a very simple premise, it creates a EM field in the ELF VLF frequency Range sweeping from elf to Vlf . The Idea is a possible beacon or attraction for phenomena. And a source of energy

EM Pump II


EM Pump II

Designed to be lighter smaller with a greater battery life than the original EM Pump.  Built in Micro Processor and custom wound coil supply a beacon like effect in EMF creating a pulse train only 18ms long. With durations sweeping from .2 to 240 Hz

EM Vortex


EM Vortex: Status Limited release

Creates a Variable speed EM  Vortex  using multiple

Coils and microprocessor control.

**Seen on Ghost Adventures

Biometric  Reader



Biometric  reader:

Status  (Proto)

This device is a hybrid between EKG and a lie detector the premise is to measure human response

To the environment , question or sensation.

**Featured in the film “The Possessed”

Video OSD Ovilus




Status (Proto field testing)  **  Seen on the Ghost Adventures

This is an Ovilus couple with an IR camera and a Video Goggle unit. The user can operate

In complete darkness will getting  data in a Heads Up display fashion via the goggles.

Allows the ability to be hands free of other equipment in the dark while monitoring  in real time.

The Gravity well


Status ( Proto)

Designed to produce extremely high EM fields , this device is an attempt to create a magnetic vortex.

Computer controlled Sweep Radio “BOX”


Status ( devices  are in field testing )

After doing the first RS hack box I started building a computer controlled version capable of

Multiple  modes of operation linear sweep , random sweep and wave tuning.  My original intension was to add these functions to the Puck.

ASA (Atmospheric  sampling array)


ASA (Atmospheric  sampling array)

Status ( field tested)

**Seen on Ghost adventures Cripple Creek episode

This unit samples the air for particulate count, calculates humidly and dew point as well returns temperature a barometric pressure.

Dual Head Laser


Close Up Field Image


Image projected on a flat surface

Status (Proto) ** As seen in the Booth Brother film “The Possessed”

Designed to utilize two  spectrums of  light (520 nm)  and (820 nm)IR  these laser beam split and create a rotating 3D cube effect.  Based on a theory from Keith Age.  The laser light creates a visible grid to try and detect the presence of “Shadow People”

Digital Dowsing Rods


Digital Dowsing rods

Status(Field Tested)

One of my first emf  based devices used to create a dosing rod type of experience

Using an electronic display

3D EM reader


3D EM reader: Status (Proto)Based on the puck these device talk to each other and triangulate energy fields in the environment The Data is feed to a PC where in can be over laid on live video to produce a picture of the energy fields.

Micro EMF Detector


Micro EMF Detector: Status (Complete)

This Device is 100% digital single switch on off with four led display of  EMF strength

Capacitive Field Reader


Capacitive field reader

Status ( Proto )

Device reads capacitive changes in open air, ultra sensitive to field changes

Talker Plus


Status( Prototype )

Talker is a EMF/ Inductive device that has an interface for 0-5 volt sensors such as light and

geomagnetic devices.  It converts signals to Phonetic speech or signals to tones.

Ghost Lab


Status ( Complete )

Ghost creates a data streams from EMF, Light, Temperature  and motion.

The Data is used to trigger event logging camera’s and other devices.

Mini Board


Mini Board

Status (Complete )

The Mini Board is a broad use micro controller that’s just a little larger than a quarter. It can be programmed to run Radio’s in Linear sweep and RVG type modes as well as trigger . Strobe lights or modulate lasers for intensity control.

High Current Controller


High Current Controller,

Status ( Complete )

Designed to pulse high current magnetic coils 200+ volts dc at 60 amps used for high intensity magnetic experiments

Five Channel USB Strobe controller

Five Channel USB Strobe controller:  (No Photo )   Status (Complete)

Each channel can control up to 30 amps at 12 volts DC. Designed for large are high intensity displays

Inductive Transceiver (Crossover Talk)

Inductive Transceiver  Status (Active on Skype since 2009)


This ITC device has no radio no voice chip just an Inductive feedback circuit. And tone generation . The feedback circuit will cancel out the tones leaving just a hissing Sound.  When the device is entreated with the tones become present again in the form of an Audio signal. Use  this device by calling Crossovertalk  on Skype

The FM Ghost Box


The FM Ghost Box:

Status (On the Bench series Project  2010 )

Small battery operated palm sized programmable FM Ghost Box

Image PX


Status (Available for Download)

A free Software application designed to enhance and clarify images  formatted

For  net books.



iOvilus Status ( Complete)

Creating an ITC type device on a  Cell Phone.  The  iOvilus has an enhanced  dictionary mode featuring a 1000 word vocabulary for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Gaia Speaks


This Iphone app uses an array of paranormal pucks tied to a special Sensor array to allow for global consciousness experiments via the iPhone and iPod



Status (Complete)

This Iphone app uses the LCD to attempt charging and changing Crystals stored energy patterns

iPhone or iPod



status (Complete)

3 Axis EMF meter for the iPhone iPod and iPad

Designed for use in low light has two level ranges

Displays all axis plus min max and average as well as current

Emf  levels.  Also has a talking yes/no function for ITC work




3 axis EMF controlled camera

Select the emf level to capture images at Magcam

Captures the images and records time date and emf levels

Right on the image.

** As seen on Ghost Adventure “Stanley Hotel Episode”



Status (Complete)

ITC combines several popular ITC feature

In one research tool.  Used to create Evp

From the sweep of vocal tracks

iGeo Phone


status ( Complete)

This app uses the 3 axis accelerometer to

Give a visual display of movement .  Adjust able

Display range allows the user to set the sensitivity

MagCam Pro


Status(beta Testing)

Using a PC and multiple iphone or ipods as sensors to monitor

EMF Sound and Vibration remotely,  also controls remote wifi cameras  and sound recorders all from a central PC.

Field Research

Chronicling the past 3 years of experiments with Mediums and Investigators.


Kinect Experiments

Experiments with Kinect by Microsoft 3D camera with custom written interface software


Second image mapped in after an hour of filming at the Saint James Hotel

Also seen on Ghost Adventures “Cripple Creek Episode”

SEM Meter


Prototype SEM meter

(The Future of Paranormal Research)

Targeted Laser System for EVP


Targeted laser system for EVP

The Laser EVO system represents a complete shift in

The thought process of how EVP is captured and the

Mechanics behind what an EVP really is.

Project is currently in R&D as of  1 / 2014

Xcam K


Xcam K uses the process of Structured light

To see things we cannot perceive and give them

Form using computer software.

Project is currently in R&D as of  1 / 2012



Bill’s open source project site.


In Closing

We continue to build new devices for the paranormal field all the time, it is our passion.