Ghost Adventures Crew

In October of 2014 we entered an exclusive agreement with Ghost Adventures for Season 11.

Basically our goal is to try something new for every episode of season 11.

I must say that Zak and the crew have always been great to work with, they never balked at a new idea or different approach.

If you have ever sat down to “build something,” then you probably have some idea of what it takes.  Now go back and try and do that for an entire season of the Ghost Adventures shows.

I’ll add a bit of the back story for each new device shown and give some details about the device and its construction.

Please check back after every new episode to see more details about the gear used.

EVP experiment

Deep Echo Project

On October 29th 2020, Deep Echo made an appearance on the Ghost Adventures Tiger King episode. Deep Echo is an attempt to understand the physical nature…