iCrystal App

iCrystal App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Because of the nature of this application it is offered for Entertainment purposes only.

The Author of this software is the Inventor of the Paranormal Puck, Ovilus Talker, EM Pump, Video Ovilus, PX and many other devices.

Updates are sent via the app store.

Just select the app store icon on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and then select updates.

iCrystal may allow you to recharge or change the stored energy in your crystals. Simply select the energy level corresponding to the color you desire, then gently place the crystal on the screen and press start to allow iCrystal to get to work.

Version 1.0 Requires OS 3.13 or Higher
Works on the iPod, iPad or iPhone 3G or higher
** Application is designed for ITC experimenters
** For Entertainment Purposes Only

Crystals have become a common item believed to possess special nmetaphysical qualities. Many claim that over time, like a battery, crystals can loose energy. Some believe that exposing crystals to sunlight can cleanse them and bring them to a balanced state. By applying light of the desired color, or energy level, we feel crystals can be recharged as they absorb light energy. Every color of light has a unique frequency and wavelength. By cleansing the crystal and reapplying light energy, the crystal can be recharged and re-tasked.

Every color denotes a different energy level. Further, it is believed that different wavelengths of light have different effects on the body and on crystals.
Blue: Relaxation
Violet: Heightened Awareness
Green: Equal and balanced
Yellow: High Activity
Orange: Creative
Red: Energizing
Black: Inner Reflection

With iCrystal, you now have a tool to experiment with while optimizing your crystals.