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Something New for ITC?


919709As we have been working our new laser microphone system, it occurred to us that it would lend itself well to a NEW type of ITC. Shown here, our new prototype has a tablet mounted to it. so it fits neatly, even on a small tripod.

So why add a Tablet to a laser mic built for EVP research?
Low cost, lots of people have tablets and they make greatimpartial judges. ???? Judges ????

We are putting the finishing touches on a new software program designed to work with most PC/Tablets: a built-in speech recognition software. Using this method we remove the chances for paradilla from the audio input. This makes it a perfect companion for our EVP mic, Laser EVP Microphone and the Paranormal Toy Box.

This software logs the speech to text files and time stamps each event. The goal is to have a basic system that listens and interrupts at the same every time.

We will offer tripod tablet mounts for most size tablets.

The Software will be available for FREE in July on our “OPEN” site

ITC: it’s always fun to push it a little further.