Digital Dowsing has consistently lead the way in product and innovation.
From design to manufacturing for the paranormal market place.

Over our 9+ years of manufacturing we have produced some of the most iconic devices used today.

Xcam SLS is Digital Dowsing’s online retail shop. It is the only place you can find the Digital Dowsing Pro Series Gear such as the Xcam SLS. Learn more >>.

Xcam SLS Front of Sensors

Ovilus IV

At you can find all of Digital Dowsing’s product line. To learn more about the Ovilus IV please see the Ovilus 4 product guide.

Ovilus IV


At Digital Dowsing we are constantly working on new paranormal investigation equipment, like our EVP Laser microphone, the Xcam SLS Camera System and the newest of the Ovilus line, the Ovilus IV, with a full color touch screen and human voices.

We offer a variety of ITC Devices and multiple EVP devices that deal with Electromagnetic Fields.

Digital Dowsing has made a strong commitment to the paranormal community over the years and we plan to continue into the future.

We provide top of the line supplies and gear for ghost hunters and paranormal gear for investigators everywhere.

Also Open Source Projects like:

  • Shack Hack
  • Image PX Software
  • The Open Source Spirit Box
  • LED illuminating device for the Arduino.


EVP Laser Receiver

AAPI shares EVP Laser Receiver Results

EVP Laser ReceiverThank you American Association of Paranormal Investigators for passing along this amazing audio capture by the EVP Laser Receiver! AAPI was investigating the Historic Park Theater in Estes Park built in 1913.  Shortly after discussing the fire that almost destroyed the theater in the 1970’s, one of the 3 EVP Laser Receivers picked up this amazing audio.               Listen to the recording: Audio courtesy of American Association of Paranormal Investigators!

EVP Laser Mic

The EVP Laser Mic works by reflecting a laser off of a reflective surface and monitoring the changes in the returned signal for EVP. This can be purchased at To learn more about the please see the EVP Laser Mic Product Page.

Laser EVP Mic Diagram - Laser off of picture frameEVP Laster Receiver on Tripod